5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (2023)

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  • Introduction
  • How to add music to Instagram stories?
  • How to add music to Instagram reels?
  • How to add music to Instagram feed videos?
  • Copyright issues
    • Royalty-free music
      • Epidemic Sound
      • Envato Elements
      • Artlist
    • Free royalty-free music
  • Conclusion

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks in the world, with a total of 100 million monthly active users. Since its creation in 2010, the functions and options for publishing content have been changing and evolving. A clear example of this are videos, with the possibility of publishing them in different formats: “stories”, “reels” and publication in the “feed”.

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (1)Recently, they have become very relevant in terms of improving the quality of content and gaining more followers. In fact, most influencers publish daily content in these three media, such as dance trends or brand advertising.

If we analyse them, we will discover that most of them are accompanied by background music according to the subject of the video, making it more entertaining, dynamic and attractive: the perfect icing on the cake to reach more people with their content.

So, you may now be thinking about adding music to your Instagram videos frequently, but whether you have a personal account or a business account, using the perfect song for your videos is not as easy as it sounds.

For copyright reasons, Instagram may mute or even remove your content if you use copyrighted music.

To prevent these problems, here’s how you can add music to Instagram’s three video formats, starting with stories.

How to add music to Instagram stories?

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (2)

(Video) How to Add Music to Instagram Videos (Free)

When uploading a video to Instagram stories, it is possible to play it with its own background sound, delete it or add a song to accompany it.

For the latter option, Instagram offers a system that consists of the following steps:

  1. First, open the application, click on the square button at the top right of the screen, and in the bar that will appear at the bottom of the screen, select “stories” by swiping to the left.
    5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (3)
  2. Record a video of what you would like to publish at that moment or select one from your gallery.
  3. Then click on the smiley face sticker at the top right of the screen. Different stickers will appear with options to add to your story, but you must select the one with the music.
    5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (4)
  4. A large library of songs will appear, but you can also search for a specific song by typing its name in the search bar.
  5. When you have chosen one, the name of the song and its artist will appear in the middle of the screen and a specific part of the song will play. However, you can select the part you want to use in your video by dragging the playback bar from one side to the other.
  6. 5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (5)The last step is to choose the style and design of the song sticker: square with an image or just the title of the song and the artist. It is also possible to add the lyrics of the song in different styles.
  7. Once you have chosen one, click on the “done” button. You can move it to either side of the screen, make it smaller or bigger, or even make it disappear by dragging it all the way down the screen.

Now you can publish your stories with background music, making them more eye-catching in a safe way.

If you have any doubts you can watch our Youtube Video, which explains step by step how to do it easily.

How to add music to Instagram reels?

Reels are the second tool we present in this post for posting videos on Instagram. Here’s how to add background music:

  1. The first step, as with the stories, is to open the application, click on the square button at the top right and in the bottom bar select “reel” by swiping to the left.
  2. Click on the music icon. A huge list of songs will appear, but you can also search for your favourite by typing in the title or artist.
  3. Once you have chosen one, select and select the fragment you want from the bar at the bottom of the screen by swiping to either side. When you are done, click on “done”.
  4. Once here, you have two options: select videos from your gallery by clicking on the blue button with a cross, or record it on the spot by pressing the white button at the bottom of the screen. The selected song will play in the background. You can record different videos without any problem, as the music will play uninterruptedly.
    5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (6)
  5. Once finished, click on the white arrow icon to share it.
  6. Finally, all you have to do is decide whether you want to share it in stories or not, add a title and click on “share”.

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (7)Now your reels will get many more views as they are accompanied by music that matches what you want to convey to your followers.

You can also watch how to do it in our video.

How to add music to videos in the feed?

The last option for adding videos to your Instagram is through the post feed. The steps here don’t differ much from the previous two, so it’s not complicated. We explain them to you:

  1. Open the application and click on the square button at the top right.
  2. You can also choose here whether you want to record a video or choose one from your gallery.
  3. Then click on the blue arrow at the top right. A menu of options will appear from which you can select the song that best matches your video. You can also add voiceover by clicking on the microphone sticker or even sound effects by clicking on the speaker sticker.
    5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (8)
  4. Once you have chosen the song, repeat the same steps as above: select the song fragment you want to use by swiping to either side.
  5. Click on the “ready” button so that you can play the video with the music in the background, and, if it has turned out the way you wanted, click on the “next” button, add title and/or text and, finally, click on “share” to publish it.

These are the steps to publish videos in your feed with background music. You have already seen that the steps are very similar to the previous ones.

As with the other two formats, you can watch our Yputube video to see how to do it.

Royalty-free music.

When publishing videos with music in your feed, you can also publish a video that you have edited in another app and to which you have previously added background music.

If you choose this option, please note that you cannot use music that is protected by copyright, as Instagram may mute or even remove it.

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To avoid such problems, you can obtain high quality royalty-free music from specialised platforms.

The best known in this sector are Epidemic Sound, Envato Elements and Artlist. All of them offer a large catalogue of licensed music that will allow you to use it as background music in your Instagram videos without copyright issues.

Epidemic Sound

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (9)Epidemic Sound is probably the most prominent portal in the royalty-free music sector. Most youtubers and influencers turn to it to choose the music that best suits their Instagram content, as it offers a library of more than 100,000 royalty-free songs and sound effects.

This platform is also the only one that has a so-called “direct licence“, which is the licence that, simply explained, includes each and every one of the rights necessary to use the songs.

As a freelancer and content creator Epidemic Sound offers you its “Personal Plan“, with which you will be able to:

  • Download unlimited music with all rights included.
  • Use the music for videos with the ability to post to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok.
  • Select a full music track or download only the vocal or instrumental part.
  • Use the music in sponsored or branded content.
  • Access the Epidemic Sound mobile app.

This plan, if you want to pay monthly, is priced at $13 per month. However, Epidemic Sound offers the possibility to pay $108 per year in advance – that is, $9 per month – which is a saving of $4 per month compared to the month-to-month option.


5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (10)Artlist has a bank of more than 8,000 music tracks with a wide variety of music genres that are distinguished by the filters ‘Mood’, ‘Genre’ or ‘Instruments’.

It also offers different versions of the same song, for example, you can enjoy extended, shortened or instrumental versions, among others, to give different musical nuances to your Instagram videos.

Although there are several licences available, the best option for using its music in your Instagram videos is: “Social Creator“.

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5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (11)Once you purchase it, you will be able to use their music on any social network forever, without ever worrying about details such as commercial use of their music or whether the licences will expire when the subscription ends.

Thus, your licence fee can be paid monthly for $14.99 per month. However, if you choose the annual payment option, priced at $119.88, you only pay $9.99 per month.

Envato Elements

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (12)Another portal where you can go to use royalty-free music is Envato Elements.

Its audio tracks, all royalty-free, exceed 90,000 and are classified both by genre (pop, ambient, electronic…) and by mood (happy, sad, melancholic…).

One of its advantages is that, when you purchase a monthly subscription, you can make unlimited downloads for the whole month, without any limitations.

Envato Elements only has an individual plan priced at $14.50 per month, which gives you access to all tracks in the library with weekly new tracks and the ability to unsubscribe at any time.

Free Royalty-free music

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (13)Apart from the platforms mentioned above, there are other platforms that offer royalty-free music for free. These songs are licensed under the so-called Creative Commons licenses.

While this option may be tempting because it is free of charge, there are some problems and limitations:

(Video) How to Do the Instagram Music Challenge - Free Downloadable Template!

  • You will only be able to make personal use of the songs, not professional use, i.e. you will not be able to use them for Instagram ads.
  • You will have to mention the artist of the music track, so you will have to write a sentence in the video mentioning the author.
  • You will not have a legal document to ensure that the terms of the licence protecting the song will not change in the future – something that does not happen with the licences offered by paid platforms.

If these problems are not an impediment to your goal of adding music to your Instagram videos, we recommend you visit the following music portals:

Before using any of the songs they offer, make sure that the licence allows for personal use and don’t forget to mention the author to avoid any problems.


As you have seen throughout the article, there are three different video formats on Instagram and each of them requires a different procedure to be able to add music to them; what they have in common is that you can choose the perfect song from the large music library offered by the application itself.

However, if you want to give a more personal, professional and corporate touch to your profile, you can also post pre-edited videos with background music added.

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (14)For this, it is best to use royalty-free music from platforms that ensure, for a small monthly fee, that you will not have any copyright problems.

However, if you prefer to do it for free, you can choose to do it in a safe way thanks to Creative Commons licences.

Either way, choose the method that best suits you and your content, offering your followers the music videos they are waiting for.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (15)

5 resources to add Music to your Instagram Stories (16)

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Pablo Olóndriz – Legis Music Founder-

Pablo Olóndriz founded Legis Music in 2016 and, since then, has been working non-stop on the online Royalty-Free industry, managing to build a great source of information for people who need amazing background music for their projects and videos.


Why can't I add good music to Instagram story? ›

If you can't add music to an Instagram Story or video, it might mean you live in a country or region where the feature isn't available due to copyright issues. Not being able to add music to an Instagram Story might also signal that you need to update your Instagram app .

What is the theme of the story explain your answer? ›

It is the message the writer is trying to convey through the story. Often the theme of a story is a broad message about life. The theme of a story is important because a story's theme is part of the reason why the author wrote the story.

How long is an Instagram story? ›

Regular accounts can upload video clips between 15 seconds and 10 minutes in length. Verified accounts or accounts with large followings can upload up to 60-minute videos. Instagram Video ads: Story ads can last between 5-15 seconds. Reels ads, up to 30 seconds.

Why can't I add music to my Instagram story May 2022? ›

If you've followed the steps above but don't see the music sticker in your app, there are 3 potential reasons: You need to update your app. Instagram's music feature isn't available in your country. You're sharing a branded content campaign.

How do you fix the music on Instagram that wont work? ›

Instagram Music Not Working: 5 Fixes
  1. Update Your Instagram App. If you're struggling to add music to your Instagram posts, it may be because you're running an outdated version of Instagram. ...
  2. Try a VPN. ...
  3. Sign Out of Instagram and Back In Again. ...
  4. Switch Account Type. ...
  5. Reinstall Instagram.
8 Oct 2022

Why can't I add music in Instagram post? ›

You can only add music to your Instagram Stories and Reels. Even if you add music to a video you made on your Story and download it, it will download without the song. If you want to attach a song to a video and upload it on Instagram as a post, you have to edit your video beforehand.

Did Instagram delete music? ›

Due to copyright issues, Instagram business accounts often don't get the availability of the Music in their stories. If you want to keep using a business account, there is no way to tackle this. However, switching to a professional (creator) or a personal account will give access to use Music.

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  • Describe: uses details and description.

Where are Instagram Answers questions? ›

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Will Instagram ever go away? ›

Instagram as a company won't die, your ability to reach people organically on it will. Let's get one thing clear… Instagram as a company and product isn't really dying. They are still growing, capturing our attention, and making money from it.

Why did Instagram delete my post? ›

If Instagram deletes your post, chances are you've violated another content creator's copyright. Also, it could be you've posted something that violates Instagram's community guidelines, your email or phone number is not verified, a technical issue with the Instagram app, or Instagram's servers are down.

How do you add music to a picture? ›

You won't need any software to download, or any apps to install.
Add audio to a picture easily
  1. Upload an image. First of all, prepare that picture and music file you plan to use. ...
  2. Add a song to the picture. ...
  3. Save your result.

How can I add Audio to a picture? ›

To add audio to a picture, you need an audio editor that supports images or an image editor that supports audio. Whichever editing software you use, add audio to a picture by creating an audio overlay. Most editors automatically create an audio overlay when you upload the audio to your project.

How do you download songs? ›

About This Article
  1. Open Google Play Music.
  2. Tap ☰.
  3. Tap Music Library.
  4. Go to a song or album.
  5. Tap ⋮
  6. Tap Download.

Why is my Instagram music Limited? ›

Instagram business accounts have been limited from accessing more music because of copyright issues. The copyrights limit businesses from making a profit directly or indirectly using some music. Also, other countries prevent business accounts from using some songs, making them not appear on Instagram.

How do I get all my music on Instagram? ›

How To Get Your Music On Instagram Stories and Reels
  1. Instagram's In-App Music Library. Instagram has their own in-app Music Library. ...
  2. The Spotify & Apple Music Apps. ...
  3. Using Your Smartphone. ...
  4. Pre-Edited Videos. ...
  5. “Add Music” App. ...
  6. Using Your Music on Instagram Stories and Reels.

What songs are available on Instagram story? ›

Here are 30 of the best songs for Instagram Stories!
  • 1. “ Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish.
  • 2. “ Anyone” by Justin Bieber.
  • 3. “ Good as Hell” by Lizzo.
  • 4. “ Delete Forever” by Grimes.
  • 5. “ I Like It” by Cardi B & Bad Bunny& J Balvin.
  • 6. “ Dynamite” by BTS.
  • 7. “ Level Up” by Ciara.
  • 8. “ Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande.
8 Jun 2022

Does Instagram ban music? ›

Instagram uses an automated system to detect copyrighted music. If you can't get permission to use copyrighted music on your IG content, your best bet is to use royalty-free music to avoid having your posts taken down or streams stopped.

Why did Insta remove so many songs? ›

The company says its music licensing agreement with Meta expired and the two parties have failed to reach a favorable agreement to renew.

How do I add music to my Instagram without getting flagged? ›

I'm going to share with you how to post copyrighted music on Instagram legally, so that your post doesn't get taken down.
Here are other things you can do too:
  1. Ask for permission. ...
  2. Give credit in your caption. ...
  3. Collaborate! ...
  4. Use royalty free music.
17 Sept 2020

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