Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (2023)

IssueDescriptionBb KBStatus

Unable to View Ultra Assessment Submission or Download File in Bb Annotate

When a student submits an attempt to their assessment, the Bb Annotate tool does not display the document's contents and if an attempt is made to download the original file, an Access Denied error is generated.

Workaround: The current workaround is for the student to be given an exception and to resubmit the file.

Note: The fix for this issue was deployed 10/26/22.This fix does not retroactively fix previously impacted submissions. The safest and most efficient process is for the student to resubmit.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (1)

In Blackboard Original, No Option to Expand the Contents of the Newly Copied Folder to Create Item Course link

Instructors are unable to create course links to content into subfolders. The option to expand folders is missing.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (2)

Cannot upload files to Blackboard Ultra course content page

In the Ultra Experience, an instructor is not able to upload the file by clicking on the + symbol in the course content page. In some cases a "space" appears where the file would normally appear, but the upload does not complete. This issue happens inconsistently.


1. Create a new folder in Blackboard (instead of adding directly to the course content page). Upload the file into the folder.

2. Create a new Blackboard document and then add new files to the document.

3. After seeing the "space" created for the file you've attempted to upload, try to upload the file again.

4. Upload the files to Google Drive, Box, or One Drive and then link them into Blackboard.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (3)

Cannot make assessments visible or change due date

Instructors are unable to make hidden Ultra tests or assignments visible to students, and are unable to edit the due date.


Open the assessment settings icon, save the assessment in the settings pane, and then change the assessment's visibility. More details.

To edit the due date, use the built-in calendar instead of typing the due date manually.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (4)

Automatic zeros isn't workingEnabling the Assign automatic zeros for past due work feature does not appear to work. The Student User has a grade of '0' because the Assignment 'Due Date' has passed.0075354

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (5)

Error message displayed when students attempt to submit a late Ultra assignmentStudents receive an error message when they submit a late assignment in an Ultra course. The error message reads "Sorry! Your name isn't on the list." However, the submission is still accepted.0075352

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (6)

Rubric scores aren't roundedNumbers are not rounded to the second digit after the decimal point.0075331

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (7)

Cannot post/email announcement if course uses ampersand in nameIf a course uses an ampersand (e.g., "English & Modern Languages") in its name, it is possible that the instructor will receive an error when attempting to send a copy of a posted announcement via email. The error received will say: "Email could not be sent."0075328

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (8)

Print & download icons transposed in SafeAssign reportWhen a user selects the Print icon/button, the report opens in a new window. When a user selects the Download icon/button, a print window opens in the user's browser.0075323

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (9)

Students sorted by first name in Ultra discussion gradebookStudents are sorted by the first name, not the last name, in the Ultra gradebook when grading discussions.0075322

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (10)

Original courses do not always detect embedded Panopto videosPanopto videos embedded via Edit HTML in the content editor may not be detected as a media asset.0075307

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (11)

SafeAssign report fails to load/refresh

SafeAssign reports may fail to load if you attempt to refresh the page.


  1. Navigate out of the attempt
  2. Refresh the page
  3. Access the attempt again

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (12)

TAs cannot view SafeAssign reportsOnly users with instructor privileges or full system admin roles can view SafeAssign originality reports.0075144

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (13)

Inline grading cannot display landscape marginsBb Annotate, the inline grading tool, does not display landscape layout for documents (docx) and crops the margins.075066

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (14)

New content editor doesn't load response feedback for "Grade Questions" tool

The updated content editor'stoolbars and utilities do not load for the Grade Questions > Grade Responses screen in an Original course.

Workaround:Grade the attempts individually.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (15)

Bb Annotate Content Library Not Copying to Clipboard

After creating a comment bank in Bb Annotate through the Content Library, instructors are unable to copy the comments to reuse in Chrome.

Workaround: Use Firefox.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (16)

Bb Annotate Changes the Font of a Submission

Common fonts such as Times New Roman are substituted with other, visually and metrically incompatible ones in BB Annotate.

Workaround: Encourage students to submit files as PDFs.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (17)

Content with Grade Center Columns can not be DeletedSome publisher content with associated Grade Center Columns can not be deleted in the GUI or via the REST API. A Status Code 500 error is thrown.55088

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (18)

Ultra Grade Center Filters Broken For Assessments with Essay Questions

In the Ultra Grade Center, the filter for Needs Grading / All Statuses stops working for Assessments that include essay questions. These Assessments show up for all Students regardless of their graded status.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (19)

Math Editor Interpreting Inverse Trig Function Incorrectly

The Math Editor is interpreting Inverse Trigonometric Functions incorrectly, leading to correct answers being marked as incorrect.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (20)

Unassign all does not do Anything when Editing an Ultra Course Groups

Selecting "Unassign All" does not appear to remove Students from assigned Groups in ULTRA Courses.

Workaround: Individual "unassign" works. If possible, unassign Group members one by one.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (21)

Conditional Availability Prevents Students from Viewing Grade Feedback

Conditional Availability prevents Users from viewing their feedback if the 'hide after date' is in the past.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (22)

Assignment Feedback Documents not Accessible to Students

Attempting to download Assignment feedback documents in Ultra Course may produce an Access Denied error.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (23)

(Video) Blackboard Ultra: All You Need to Know About Tests! - Nov 3

Emoji in Content Titles Broken in Ultra Activity Stream

Emoji in the titles of Content Items display as replacement characters in the Ultra Activity Stream.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (24)

Group Assignment Rubric Score can not be Updated

If a Rubric score is updated for a group assignment, the score does not change from the original.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (25)

RTF Documents Truncated in Safe Assign

Safe Assign does not display all of the contents of .RTF files.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (26)

Ultra Groups Student List Unsorted

When looking at the list of Students that can be added to a Group, the list does not appear to have any sorting applied, making it difficult to find specific Students.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (27)

Ultra conversion log does not expand

When viewing the Conversion Exceptions for a Course that was converted from Original to Ultra View, all of the items do not expand properly in Chrome.This happens in both Windows and Mac, but occurs more consistently on Mac.

Workaround: Use Firefox.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (28)

Files added to Ultra course must be downloaded to view

When using the plus sign (+) to add a file from computer, the files can only be opened if downloaded.0050957

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (29)

Ultra Assignments can be submitted blank with no warning

If a student enters text for an Ultra Assignment and then deletes it, they can submit the blank attempt without any warning or notification that it is blank.0050939

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (30)

Ultra Course Preview tooltip overlay appears in the wrong place

When hovering over the Ultra Course Conversion Wizard button, the tooltip text overlayappears on the far left of the screen.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (31)

Trouble clicking links in Ultra Documents

If a link is in the last line of a Document in an Ultra View Course, the link is very difficult to open as not all of it is clickable as usual.

Workaround: Add more content under the link.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (32)

Students unable to see rubrics in My Grades

When an Assignment is created with two Rubrics, one to be displayed without grades and another for actually grading the Assignment, then is shown to the Student properly. However, if the Rubrics are created in reverse order, the the Rubric allowed to be shown to Students is displayed empty.

Best Practice:Make sure that the Rubric that you want to be displayed to Students is created first in the list, or release both Rubrics to Students.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (33)

Wiki Grades not visible to students in wikis

Wiki grades are not visible to students in the Wiki "My Contribution" page. The grades simply don't display.

Workaround: The grade can be viewed in My Grades.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (34)

Instructors cannot see their profile picturesProfile pictures are not displayed in the Users or Groups pages for instructors.0050852

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (35)

Grading Ultra Assignments with a rubric causes inline document preview to close

In Ultra Courses, the inline view for documents which are attached to Student Assignment submissions, closes if the submission is graded with a Rubric.0050289

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (36)

Target fixFA2019

Unable to add smaller image for course cards

Course Card images cannot be smaller than 1200 x 300. Uploading a new image to the course card will overwrite the Original course banner to a size that is beyond the guidelines.0050827

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (37)

Ultra course rubric data disappears if the rubric type changes

If a Rubric in an Ultra View Course has any information filled in, changing the Rubric Type will erase it. This data does not come back if the Rubric Type is reverted.0050810

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (38)

Users with Attempts for Ultra Assignment are in the Gradebook after Enrollment Disabled

Disabling a User's Enrollment does not hide them from the Gradebook in Ultra View Courses if they have previously Submitted an Attempt for an Assignment. This means a student who dropped a course after submitting work may still appear in the Ultra gradebook.0050806

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (39)

Numbered Lists Item Counts Reset by Images in Ultra View Courses

If an image is included in a Numbered List within the content editor of an Ultra View Course, that item will be numbered as 1 even if there were preceding items.0050804

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (40)

Ultra course folders open slowlyUltra View Course Folders which have five or more items, such as Assessments or Documents, pause momentarily while expanding.0050803

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (41)

Retention Center deadline rules problemsIssues with the Retention Center Deadline Rules, as follows: 1. When the deadline rule is set to 'more than 0' then it also catches those who submitted before the deadline on the due date. 2. When the deadline rule is set to 'more than 1' then it does not catch all those who have not submitted. This doesn't seem to match the behavior given results of point 1 above. The rule 'more than 1' does not identify Students who have not submitted at all, even though the due date has passed.0050777

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (42)

Ultra Activity Stream Issue

The loading of the Activity Stream is intermittent. If the issue occurs, you get a spinning circle that doesn't go a way and the page will not fully load
Refreshing sometimes resolves it but not always

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (43)

Ultra course documents do not save if closed during initial creation

If the peek/Ultra panel-window is closed during the initial creation of Ultra View Course Content, there is no prompt to save the Content and anything added to it is lost. Further edits to the Content prompt the User to Save before the window is closed.0050734

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (44)

Incomplete Subsequent Attempt of Trigger Revokes Assessment Conditional Availability in Ultra View Courses

If an Assessment in an Ultra View Course has Conditional Availability which is based on a score for another Assessment then successfully triggering that Availability can be revoked by the Student. This occurs if the Student Submits one or more qualifying Attempt(s) for the triggering condition and then starts, but does not complete or Submit, a subsequent Attempt.0050722

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (45)

Video may not fully display in Ultra discussionUltra Discussion containing video content from LTI deep link doesn't show the entire video preview - it forces the user to scroll.0050718

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (46)

Student Preview breaks when Analytics link clicked in Ultra course

Student Preview presents error when clicking on an Analytics link within a Ultra Course.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (47)

(Video) Getting Started on Blackboard: A Student Guide | Fall 2021 Online Orientation

Apostrophe in Ultra course announcement displays as HTML code

Apostrophes in Ultra Course Announcements display as HTML characters in the Announcement popup feature.0050687

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (48)

Access Denied error when trying to view self & peer assessment submissions

When an Instructor attempts to view a Student's results for a Self and Peer Assessment, a permissions error is thrown.0050655

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (49)

Turning Edit Mode off While in a Learning Module with an Unavailable Assignment Causes Error

If an Instructor or Administrator turns Edit Mode off while in a Learning Module which has an Unavailable Assignment in it, they will receive an error message.0050638

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (50)

Skip to Content Link not Detectable by JAWS Screen Reader

The Skip to Content Link in a Course's Header does not contain any inner text, and thus is not detectable by screen reading accessibility software like JAWS.0050636

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (51)

Announcement Emails have a Broken Image

When sending an Announcement with an attached image in an Original course, "Send a copy of this Announcement immediately" must be used or the image is broken.0050622

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (52)

Documents do not have an Ally Indicator or Score

Documents within a course folder do not have Ally indicators or scores.

Workaround: Reducing the number of documents per page will resolve the issue.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (53)

Content Created in Ultra Course is Added to TopWhen adding content to an Ultra Course, it is always added at the top regardless of which plus sign was selected to create the Content.0050611

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (54)

Rubric detail panel is blank & unresponsive

Rubric details peek panel is displayed as blank and page got strucked for Rubric Group Discussion. Clicking on Rubric Details panel for Group Discussion shows as blank. Also unable to exit out of Rubric details panel.0050275

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (55)

Target fix FA2019

Ultra Course Missing PDF File Icon in Student View when File is not Available

When a PDF document is added to an Ultra course and the availability is set to 'Conditional availability', the PDF icon does not display in Student view.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (56)

Function as Designed

Cloud Storage File Uploads to Assignments with no Extension

Files uploaded from Cloud storage, created using Google Docs, do not have a file extension. This is preventing the files from being opened properly.

Workaround:Download the file > then editthe filename to include the extension. Then open/re-upload to your course.


Inline Grading Will Not Render File While Grading an Assignment

Certain files are not rendering in New Box View when grading an Assignment Attempt. An error message stating "We're sorry, the preview didn't load" is displayed instead.0049328

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (58)

A new inline grading tool is in development.

Unavailable courses produce error when accessing announcementsIf accessing a Course that is unavailable to Students, then click the Announcements link, an error is thrown.0049262

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (59)

Error message "An Error Occurred While Generating the Menu." is Received by the Students when they Click the Link of the Email Notification

Students receive a message "An error occurred while generating the menu" when they click the link of the Email Notification provided by Learn.

Workaround: If you copy the link directly from the Course and paste into a browser, it will ask for the Users credentials as expected and allow download of the file.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (60)

SafeAssign not Generating Originality Report when Disabled Student Enrolled in a Group

If SafeAssign is being used for a Group submission and the Group contains a User who has been disabled, SafeAssign will not generate an originality report for that Group. Also, there is no record of said submission in the Submission Receipts report in Grade Center.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (61)

Rubric Reports Occasionally Produce Blank Results

Some rubrics will generate a report with blank results.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (62)

Grade Center Horizontal Scroll Bar Inaccessible in Full Screen Mode

When using the full-screen option in the Grade Center, the horizontal scrollbar disappears unless the Browser's zoom is under 100%.

Workaround:Set the Browser's Zoom to 90%.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (63)

Inline Grading not Available for Submissions from Blackboard App in Ultra Course

When submitting an assignment file from the Blackboard app in an Ultra course, the file is not available to preview via Box for inline grading. Only the file name is displayed (URL encoded) and available to download, but it is not rendered inline by the Box service.

Workaround: This issue was resolved with the release of Blackboard app version 4.3 in June, 2019.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (64)

Students Receive Error if Test has File Response Question

If a test contains a File Response question, submitting the Test results in an error stating that the question is incomplete. 0048768

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (65)

Last Name Column Duplicated in Grade Center

After navigating away from and back to the Grade Center, the Last Name column is duplicated.0048721

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (66)

(Video) SLU Blackboard Guide

Access Denied when Making a Course Using Course Availability Lock Tool

When an Instructor uses the Lock button in a Course to make it Available/Unavailable, an error is thrown. 0048686

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (67)

Tests with a Large Number of Essay Questions Cause Browser Performance Issues

Tests with 80+ essay questions that display all-at-once cause Browser performance issues. The test loads slowly, scrolling is not smooth, and auto-save & spell-check are slow to trigger.

Workaround:Display the questions one-at-a-time.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (68)

Needs Attention Module Shows Incorrect Assignment Needs Grading Count

The Needs Attention module shows "Assignment Needs Grading" count inaccurately. This was a deliberate design change forAssignment Needs Gradingto show a count for the total number of Assignments, not Submissions.Each individualAssignmenthas its own count for Submissions.0048666

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (69)

Functions as Designed

New Box View not Displaying all of Documents

New Box View is not rendering complete documents when students submit assignments; they are being cutoff at the end. 0048656

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (70)

Error when Previewing Image Uploaded via Build Content

When attempting to create an Image Content Item, an error message is received if the User previews the Image then clicks Back, prior to submitting it.0048627

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (71)

Previous and Future Courses Disappear after Resizing Browser

When looking at enrolled Courses, shrinking the re-expanding the size of the Browser will cause the left/right navigation options to view previous/upcoming (respectively) Courses to disappear. However, this issue disappears if navigating away from, then back to, the Courses page.

Workaround:If you go to another page then go back, thePrevious/Upcoming Coursearrows will return.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (72)

Unable to Disable Delegated Grading after Eligible Grader is Enrolled in Course

If Delegated Grading is enabled for an Assignment, then another eligible grader is Enrolled in the Course, then an error is seen when attempting to disable Delegated Grading on the Assignment.0048587

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (73)

Course Messages Sent from Ultra Courses are Received in Centered Format

Text is centered in email messages sent by Instructors from Course Messages in Ultra Courses.0048543

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (74)

Text with HTML Markups in Test Question Causes an Error when Student Submits Test

If text with HTML markups is pasted into the Visual Text Box Editor for a Test question, an error occurs when a Student tries to submit that Test. This issue is caused by inserting an HTML Form into a Test question.

Workaround:Do not insert HTML Forms (<form>) into Test questions.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (75)

Unable to Load Inline Grading Due to Disabled 3rd Party Cookies

Review this FAQ→How do I enable third-party cookies for Bb integrations?0048016

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (76)

functions as designed

Courses with long names cut off by select boxesCourses with long names cut off by select boxes. When using a select box, such as those in notification settings, courses with long names will have the ending cut off, preventing users from seeing important information.0047570

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (77)

Blank Page Item in Course Menu Access Denied for Guests

A Blank Page Item in Course Menu may give an access denied for guests. Please open an RT ticket if you experience this issue.

For Bb SysAdmin: The issue occurs when the Permit Guests option is chosen, the allow_guest_ind=Y in the course_toc (for the link) changes, but the underlying content still has allow_guest_ind=N. Contact BtBb.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (78)

A Gray Box Appears in the Content EditorWhen you add more than 28 lines of text to the Content Editor, you will experience a gray box in the Content Editor0047558

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (79)

Group Sets Created with no Groups Added During Creation Throws Error While Adding Groups at a Later Date/Time

When an empty Group Set is created, and an attempt to add groups at a later time is made, an error is thrown. The received error is an 'AddgroupRefrenceError' error.

Workaround: Re/create the Group Set with at least one Group Set.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (80)

Grade center emails sent to wrong students

When opening two tabs in a browser for two separate courses, opening the Grade Center in both Courses and sending an email to students sends them to the wrong course.

Workaround: Open only one course when sending email communication through the Grade Center.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (81)

Paragraph Breaks Missing if Font Changed in Content Editor

If the font is changed (or styled) in the Content Editor, paragraph breaks will not be displayed after editing.

Workaround: Use Shift+Enter (instead of just Enter) when creating content to display the desired paragraph breaks.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (82)

Course Reports Stuck on Please Wait ScreenWhen running a Course Report, the results do not appear. The message "Please Wait" remains and the report never finishes.0047515

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (83)

Notification Options Disappear After Changing the Settings from Bulk Edit Notification SettingsWhen setting the notification to off in Bulk Edit Notification Settings > Courses I am teaching, the notification option no longer appears when you edit notifications under Edit Individual Course Settings. This does not occur when you set a notification to off in Bulk Edit Notification Settings > Courses I am taking.0047482

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (84)

Overwriting a Content Item Attachment Fails to work if User Changes the Link Title

When editing a content item attachment to be overwritten, if the Link Title doesn't match, the file will not be saved and overwritten with the new version.

Workaround: Update the attachment without changing the Link Title. Afterwards change the Link title.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (85)

Play Button Unresponsive on Audio Embedded into Test Question Text

When an audio file is embedded into the Question Text field of a Question in a Test, the play button is unresponsive and the file cannot be played.

Workaround: Upload media files to Box and embed using advanced share features. Remember: Blackboard is not a streaming server!


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (86)

Courses set to use Term Availability Cannot be Made Unavailable in Search ResultsCourses that set to Use Term Availability cannot be made unavailable on the Course search results page. The page will just refresh with no change.0047454

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (87)

Content Collection Issues for Some Users in Chrome

The Content Collection tab (e.g., My Bb Files) will not load in Chrome for some users. For those same users, attempting to access My Content from within a Course Content Collection will throw an error.

Not all Users are affected by this issue.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (88)

functions as designed

(Video) Blackboard Guide for Students - How To Log In to Blackboard

Group Discussion Board Created even when Discussion Tool is UnselectedWhen instructors create a group and unselect all group tools, a Discussion board is automatically created with the name of that group, even if this option is unselected.0047420

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (89)

Cannot Select Images in Content Editor using Chrome 58 or Higher

In Chrome (versions 58.0 and newer), you cannot select Images in the Content Editor by left-clicking on them.

Workaround: First right-click on the image, then left-click on the Image.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (90)

Setting Blog Gradable After Posts Already Completed does not show Posts in Grade Center as Needs Grading

If a blog is set to be gradable after there are already posts made by students, those posts do not show up in Needs Grading.

Workaround: The Posts can still be Graded by accessing them via the the full Grade Center. Identify the column for the blog and the specific field for a student. Click the action arrow and choose Grade User Activity.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (91)

Grade Center does not Load if NULL is Entered as Column Name

If a Grade Center Column Name is manually entered as "NULL", the Grade Center will not load and continuously displays "Loading Grade Center....".

Workaround: Navigate to Manage > Column Organization and Hide the Column.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (92)

When a Course Link is Edited it Moves to the Bottom of the Content Listed

After editing & saving an existing course link, the link will drop to the bottom of the content item list.

Workaround: Move the course link back to its proper place after editing and saving.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (93)

Math Editor Images do not Display Correctly in Discussion BoardMath Editor images in the Content Editor do not display correctly in discussion boards if they were created in an earlier version of Blackboard.0047354

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (94)

Cannot Click Radio Button to Select Answer on Assessment

Students cannot select certain answers for an Assessment. When clicking the radio button, nothing happens.

Workaround: When attempting to answer the question, click to the right of the radio button (typically about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch to the right of the radio button) until it works.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (95)

Paragraph Tags are Incorrect When Text is Copied From Notepad into the Content Editor Using Chrome

Create multiple paragraphs of content in a text editor (e.g., Notepad). When the text is copied into the Bb Content Editor using Google Chrome, the result is one paragraph instead of several separated by line returns.

Workaround: Manually correct the text in the Content Editor.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (96)

Collaborate Ultra Recordings not Copying over to New or Existing Courses

Bb Collaborate Ultra recordings in a source Course do not make it into the Destination Course (whether new or existing) when a Course Copy process is finished.

Workaround: Create a content item link that points to the desired Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording(s).


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (97)

Course Menu Disappears if Browser Window or Monitor Display Has Reduced Resolution

When the browser window becomes too small, the pull-out tab to show or hide the course menu may not be visible on the left as expected. Users must scroll to the right to see it.

Workaround: A fix has been applied to address this issue.

  • Why can't I see the sidebar for my course in Blackboard?
  • How do I hide or un-hide my Blackboard Course menu?

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (98)

Adaptive Release Grade Column Settings do not Remain if Grade Section is ChangedWhen editing the Adaptive Release grade options in a previously set up item, the Grade Center column information is cleared to 'None' with no indication to the user.0047303

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (99)

Announcements Don't Display while Date Management Process is in ProgressAnnouncements that have been posted to Courses are not appearing as expected. Students are receiving the emails, but the content is not appearing through the Announcements tool. An error message may read "Date Management process is currently in progress for course COURSE NAME. Please wait until it is complete."0047251

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (100)

Content Inserted into Mashup in Discussion is Scrubbed for StudentWhen an Instructor adds content as a mashup in a discussion, it works correctly. When a Student does so, it fails. The HTML for the Instructor is complete while the Student's is being scrubbed and does not contain the necessary HTML to launch the video.0047245

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (101)

Unable to Submit Assignment on Chromebook due to Error Saying no File ChosenStudents are not able to submit Assignments with Chromebooks. When submitting the Assignment, the file does not upload, and a message is displayed: "No File Chosen."
The issue cannot be replicated on anything other than a Chromebook.0047242Will Not FixPressing Enter does not Create a Line Break between Two Characters Styled Together in the Content Editor

In the Content Editor, pressing Enter to create line breaks between two characters that were selected and styled together does not function properly. The Content Editor only creates paragraph tags. The result is only one space no matter how it is formatted in the edit window.

Workaround: Utilize the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ENTER to force the VTBE to create a break tag (<br>).


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (102)

Content Editor Scrolling Sensitivity Causes IssuesWhen working with more than a screenful of text in the Content Editor, if text is selected in the middle or at the bottom the text can rapidly scroll upwards or downwards causing difficulty in editing.0047154

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (103)

Users with a Custom System Role are Unable to Perform Course CopiesUsers with a Custom System Role are unable to perform Course copies. They will receive a Java Runtime Exception error.0047153

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (104)

Web Links with an Apostrophe in the Name do not load

When accessing a Web Link that contains an apostrophe in its name (e.g., "UMBC's Homepage) and set to open in the same window, the page does not load with the external link.

Workaround: Remove the apostrophe in the name AND select the 'Open in New Window' option to allow the page to load with the external link.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (105)

Embedded Flash Videos Do Not Display in SaaS

Embedded flash videos will not display when added in Course Content items, Wikis, and Assignments. They display without issue in preview mode within the text editor.

Workaround: Please use UMBC Panopto to host and embed multimedia references.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (106)

Rubrics Used to Grade Attempts are Missing Selection CriteriaWhile using a Rubric during the grading process not all entered data is saved/recorded. The grade score value may be saved but the individualized feedback (column/row) may be lost.0045997

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (107)

Fillable Forms in PDF Files are not Checked by SafeAssign

SafeAssign does not check the contents of fillable forms in .pfd files.0045919

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (108)

Rubric Criteria Values not Maintained After EditBb will revert a point-range rubric from 3-decimal places to 2-decimal places if the rubric is edited after creating. The total weight will show as 99.99 and the rubric itself cannot be re-saved.0043570

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (109)

Possible Points Calculation Incorrect in Weighted Columns by Category

The Points Possible of a Weighted Column appear to be incorrectly calculated when using a Category that has more than one Column assigned to it.

This is a misunderstanding about how Equal Weighting works in contrast to Proportional Weighting. See Bb's documentation.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (110)

functions as designed

Email Notifications are not Received for Announcements Edited After a Course CopyStudents do not receive email notifications for announcements when instructors add date restrictions for those announcements if they were copied from another course.0041739

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (111)

Opening Test in a New Window Displaces Question Progress BarWhen creating a Test that is set to ‘Open test in a new window,’ the Test timer/question completion status bar does not display appropriately. The bar displays on the right hand side of the screen and stays in the middle of the screen while scrolling.

Workaround: Display questions One at a time instead of All at once.


Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (112)

Rubric Criteria Reorder Panel Loads Below RubricWhen creating or editing a Rubric, clicking the Criteria button opens the Reorder Rubric Criteria panel to allow reorganization of the Rubric Criteria. The Reorder Panel loads at the top of the Rubric table and easily visible in older versions of Learn. In recent versions, the Reorder Panel loads below the Rubric table. In this placement, most Users need to scroll vertically in order to see that the Reorder Panel is available.0038839

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (113)

Back to Course Button does not Close the Test Window when Test is set to Launch in a New WindowWhen a test is set to launch in a new window, the "Back to Course" button does not close the test window. Instead, the course content is displayed, but the top tab frame is missing.0034957

Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (114)

Ultra Learning Module Titles and Content Description Text Turns White in Responsive Design Mode

When viewing Learning Modules in a Blackboard Ultra course on a small screen/browser window or on a mobile device browser, text of learning modules and descriptions turns white.



Known Issues with Blackboard - Find Help (FAQs) (115)

(Video) Blackboard Guide Final


How do I see answers on Blackboard? ›

When you want students to review the answers with the assessment content, return to the settings panel and select Show correct answers. Show question scores will be selected automatically. When you show correct answers, you need to also show the question scores.

What to do when Blackboard is not working? ›

Check your internet connection and try to reconnect to the session. Visit our Network Connection help page for a list of best practices to improve your experience. If your internet connection is fine, check to see if this is a known issue. If it is listed, we are working to resolve it.

Why is my Blackboard app not working? ›

Go to Settings > Apps > Blackboard or Instructor > Storage > Clear Data. Uninstall the Blackboard app or Blackboard Instructor app. Restart device. Reinstall the Blackboard app or Blackboard Instructor app.

Is the Blackboard Help Desk 24 7? ›

Simply call the Service Desk at 803-777-1800

Assistance with Blackboard is available anytime throughout the day, night, or weekend.

How do you inspect to find answer? ›

The only way to find answers using the Inspect Element feature is if the website instantly reveals it after submission. In this instance, answers are present in the coding. Otherwise, you're simply viewing the coding for the quiz or test when you use the Inspect Element feature, as well as any answers you submit.

Can Blackboard detect Googling answers? ›

Blackboard alone cannot detect anything in your computer since the browsing ability is limited to that open tab only. However, If you are taking a proctored test, the Blackboard can detect that you have opened other tabs.

Why can't I access my courses on Blackboard? ›

If you can't see your courses in Blackboard App, then it's likely your classes are not available yet. The Blackboard app only shows courses that are Available and Active. If your course/semester hasn't started yet, or if your instructor has a course set as Unavailable, your course(s) won't show in the app.

How do I contact Blackboard technical support? ›

General Support

If you are one of our more than 100,000 Blackboard Connect users and need assistance, contact Client Care via email or by calling (888) 599-2720, or call your school, institution or organisation or visit their web site.

How do I clear my Blackboard cache? ›

Clearing the cache: 1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Select Clear Recent History.

Which browser works best with Blackboard? ›

Certified browsers and operating systems
Google ChromeWindows 10 & 11, macOS 10.14+Android 9+
FirefoxWindows 10 & 11, macOS 10.14+Not supported
SafarimacOS 10.14+iOS 14+
Microsoft Edge (Chromium)Windows, macOSAndroid, iOS

How do I refresh Blackboard? ›

You can manually trigger ETL_REFRESHDATA within Blackboard Learn. Go to System Admin > System Reporting > Refresh Report Data. Select Refresh Activity Report Data to run the ETL_AA process, or Refresh Non Activity Report Data to run the ETL_NON_AA process.

How do I update my Blackboard app? ›

Get Blackboard Learn updates

On the Administrator Panel, under Software Updates, select Blackboard Learn Updates Available. Select Get It Now! to go the Blackboard Learn Downloads page and select the desired update. Download the update and the release notes, which provide warnings, tips, and installation instructions.

How long will I be locked out of Blackboard? ›

As a security feature to prevent unauthorized logins to your account, your Blackboard account will lock after 5 failed login attempts. The lock will remain in place for approximately 90 minutes. After that point, you will be able to attempt the login again.

How long does a Blackboard account stay locked? ›

The default setting is 360 minutes. If you enter 0, accounts will remain permanently locked unless an administrator manually unlocks them. If Enable is selected, users can reset their passwords to unlock their accounts.

How often is the Blackboard Help Desk monitored? ›

Report data is automatically refreshed every 4 hours for all reports except activity reports. Activity data is refreshed once per day at midnight. Your institution can refresh the report data manually if needed.

How can I get answers online? ›

  1. User-powered question and answer platform. ...
  2. Ask a Librarian. Online reference desk service from the Library of Congress. ...
  3. Brainly. Post questions to a community of millions of students and teachers. ...
  4. Chegg Study. ...
  5. Dummies. ...
  6. eHow. ...
  7. PolitiFact. ...
  8. Quora.

Does Blackboard know if you switch tabs? ›

No but some professors have threatened students with having ITS review their internet traffic during the testing time to see if they were cheating.

What activity can professors see on Blackboard? ›

As an instructor, you can see when your students opened, started, and submitted tests and assignments with the Student Activity report. In general, this feature looks and functions the same whether you're working in an Original or Ultra course.

How do you unlock a course on Blackboard? ›

Near the top right corner of the pages in your course, the padlock icon shows its availability to students; Clicking the padlock toggles the availability.

How do I get to my Blackboard settings? ›

Go to Ultra Course View page. My Blackboard and the user menu are available everywhere in Blackboard Learn. Open the menu next to your name in the page header. From the user menu, you can access all your courses and personal settings, such as text size and personal information.

Why did my Blackboard courses disappear? ›

Sometimes we make things disappear on Blackboard. In the Content menu, there is a way to make information seem to disappear. All you need to do is click the Course name and your content areas will reappear.

Which of the following ways can you get help from the Blackboard Help Center? ›

You can access our help by one of the following ways: Review Blackboard Learn Help for Students. You can call the IT Service Desk (508.854. 4427) and follow the prompts for Blackboard Help.

Who should you contact if you have any technical issues in your Blackboard course? ›

If you're having trouble logging in to Blackboard or with one of the tools provided to campus by IT Services — like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, or Zoom — then you'll need to reach out to the IT Services Assistance Center.

How can I unlock my Blackboard account? ›

From Site Manager select USERS & GROUPS. Select Settings. Select Automatically Unlock User Account. Select Save.

Where is Blackboard data stored? ›

Where is Cloud data located? All data associated with Blackboard's Cloud Services is hosted in Blackboard's Cloud infrastructure. This cloud infrastructure includes services and components hosted both within Blackboard Managed Hosting data centers and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

How do I clear my memory history? ›

Google Chrome
  1. In the top-right corner of Chrome, click the Chrome menu.
  2. Select More tools then Clear browsing data.
  3. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
  4. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. ...
  5. Click Clear browsing data.

Do Blackboard recordings delete? ›

Delete recordings

From the Collaborate scheduler, select Recordings and find the recording you want. Open the Recording options and select Delete. Select the Yes, Delete It button to confirm.

Is Blackboard owned by Google? ›

The firm was founded by Stephen Gilfus, Daniel Cane, Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky through a business combination in 1997, and became a public company in 2004.
Blackboard Inc.
TypePrivately held
ParentProvidence Equity Partners
11 more rows

What can I use instead of Blackboard? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Blackboard Learn
  • TalentLMS.
  • Canvas LMS.
  • D2L Brightspace.
  • Schoology.
  • Kahoot!
  • Cornerstone Learning.
  • Docebo.
  • Google Classroom.

What type of platform is Blackboard? ›

About Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is an interactive learning management system (LMS) suitable for higher-education universities, K-12 schools, government and military programs, as well as large businesses in a variety of industries worldwide.

How do I revert back to old Blackboard? ›

HOW DO I REVERT TO THE OLD BLACKBOARD STYLE? ☐ In the Course Management Menu, choose Customization ☐ Choose Teaching Style ☐ Change the Course Entry Point to Announcements. ☐ Hit Submit.

Can I resubmit Blackboard? ›

You can't edit a submitted assignment, but you may be allowed to resubmit it. However, you can't resubmit all assignments. Check if you can submit an assignment more than once. If you can't and made a mistake, you must contact your instructor to ask for the opportunity to resubmit the assignment.

Can you reopen an attempt on Blackboard? ›

Hover over the the grade area and click the gray drop-down arrow for more options, then click View Grade Details. Click the Allow Additional Attempt box at the bottom of the Grade Details area.

How much does Blackboard cost per student? ›

Classroom license costs $300 per year for a single classroom, with a maximum of 100 attendees. Department license costs $9,000 per year for access for entire departments, with a maximum of 500 attendees. Q.

How much is the Blackboard app? ›

The app is free and can be downloaded from the following locations: Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Google Play Store for Android devices.

How do I manually update an app? ›

How to update an Android app
  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Manage apps & device. Apps with an update available are labeled "Update available."
  4. Tap Update.

How many attempts does Blackboard allow? ›

In one assignment with four attempts, a student can submit file attachments for these items: Outline. Bibliography. Rough draft.

Is Blackboard going out of business? ›

The purpose of this deal is a revenue growth opportunity driven by cross-selling, international growth, and the opportunities to combine products and create new value, particularly at the data level. Once the deal closes, Blackboard will no longer exist as a standalone EdTech company.

Can a student delete an attempt on Blackboard? ›

To the right of the entry, click the button labeled Clear Attempt. Click OK on the popup window that appears.

Why can't I log into my Blackboard account? ›

You're entering the Wrong Username or Password

Try looking up your username and/or resetting your password, then try to log into Blackboard again. If you can log into Self-Service, then you know you are entering the right username and password and there might be another issue.

How long does IT take for Blackboard to timeout? ›

Session timeout warning for Original Course View

When a user is idle for over three hours the session ends. A user must login again to continue to use Learn. If a user saves a page or selects a button, the session refreshes and stays active for three more hours.

What to do if Blackboard is not working? ›

What you can try to fix the issue
  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Try our connection best practices to help reduce the load on your network.
  3. Try to rejoin. ...
  4. Update your browser to the latest version.
  5. Deactivate browser ad-ons and see if that fixes your issue.
  6. Clear browser cache and refresh browser.

Can Blackboard access your camera without you knowing? ›

Without proctoring software, Blackboard cannot access your webcam when you are accessing the normal assignments, submitting homework, or taking normal tests. However, when you are taking a proctored exam, Blackboard can access the webcam of your computer through the proctoring software.

Can Blackboard see how long you spend on a question? ›

The Test Information Access Log displays the following information: Date and time. Access type; test start time and individual question. Test time how long it took per question.

How does Blackboard check attendance? ›

Attendance reporting is only available in sessions with an end date and time. Based on the criteria you set, Collaborate tracks if a student is present, late, or absent from a session. Collaborate then sends that information directly to the Attendance page in your Blackboard Learn course.

How can I see all answers in a form? ›

Open your form in Google Forms > Click Responses > Click Question to view the answers by question. You can use the previous and next icons to navigate between questions or select a specific question from the dropdown list.

How do I see answers on a form? ›

View responses

Open a form in Google Forms. At the top of the form, click Responses. Click Summary.

How do you see hidden items on blackboard? ›

Blackboard - How to unhide columns in the grade center
  1. Head over to the full Grade Center. ...
  2. This will list all columns in the Grade Center, hidden or un-hidden. ...
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hover over the Show/Hide button. ...
  4. Then click the submit button.
30 Nov 2021

How do I view assessments on Blackboard? ›

Navigate to Course Content in the app and select a test or assignment. You can see the assessment's details, such as due dates, the number of attempts allowed, and whether it's visible students. Tap Preview to see what students experience when they complete a test or assignment in the student app.

How can I see my answers without logging in? ›

First, copy the URL of the question you want to read. Then, open an Incognito tab, paste the URL, and press Enter. That's it! Keep in mind that if you click/ tap on a related question from that Incognito tab, you'll be given the login prompt again.

In which app I can get answers for any question? ›

Quora is a free question-and-answer app like the website with the same name.

What do you see on my answers tab? ›

c. You see all the answers you've submitted till date.

How do you set correct answers on a form? ›

Fill out your question and answers. In the bottom left of the question, click Answer key. Choose the answer or answers that are correct. In the top right of the question, choose how many points the question is worth.

Can I view a form that I submitted to someone? ›

There are two ways to do this: from your email confirmation or on the form submission confirmation page. If you check the Send me a copy of my responses box on the form, you'll receive an email confirmation showing your form responses.

How do you find answers using inspect on Google Forms? ›

You cannot see answers on Google Forms using Inspect element or HTML source code. It might have worked earlier, but Google has patched the bug. Now that it has been made clear that you cannot cheat on Google Forms, let's jump to our actual topic of viewing responses on Google Forms.

Can teachers see when you open other tabs on Blackboard? ›

No but some professors have threatened students with having ITS review their internet traffic during the testing time to see if they were cheating.

Can teachers see your private messages on Blackboard? ›

Moderators supervise all private chats: When selected, moderators can see everything that is said in private chat channels. An alert appears at the top of the private chat channel informing users that the chat is being supervised. If you don't select it, you don't see the private chat channels.

Are Blackboard tests recorded? ›

Tips for taking a test

Instructors use tests to assess your knowledge of course content and objectives. Your instructor assigns point values to questions in a test. You submit your test for grading and the results are recorded. You can view your grades when your instructor makes them available to you.

Can Blackboard see how long you take on each question? ›

The Test Information Access Log displays the following information: Date and time. Access type; test start time and individual question. Test time how long it took per question.

What is a self assessment in Blackboard? ›

The Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment tool allows students to review and assess work submitted by themselves and their peers. Using criteria provided by their instructors and optional sample responses, students can provide points and feedback for submitted assignments.


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