Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (2023)

Note: This article pertains to the Ultra instance of Blackboard. If you are not using Ultra, click here to view the non-Ultra Blackboard guide.

1) Navigate to View course and institution tools in the Details & Actions left hand section in Blackboard Ultra.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (1)

2) Select Browse all course tools in the side panel on the right.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (2)

3) Select the + icon on the lower right of the Honorlock tool.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (3)

3) You have now successfully added the Honorlock LTI to your course. Please ensure the Honorlock tool is Visible to students.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (4)

Enabling Honorlock

1) In the Content section of Blackboard Ultra, select the three horizontal dots to the right of the exam you wish to enable Honorlock Proctoring. Then, select Edit.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (5)

2) Select the Test Settings gear icon.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (6)

3) Under Assessment Security, select Configure proctoring settings.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (7)

NOTE: Do not add the access code/password field.

4) Ensure Honorlock Proctoring is selected in the proctoring service field, and toggle Enable proctoring on. Then, select Save.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (8)

5) Select save again.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (9)

Important: Please do not close this panel without saving, or you may need to re-enable proctoring.

6) It’s time to enable Honorlock for your assessment! You can enable the Proctoring Settings of your choice. To enable a setting, click on the box for that setting. The blue checkbox will indicate that the option is enabled. Clicking on it again will deselect this option and turn it off. Depending on the options determined by your institutional administrator, you may or may not see all of these settings. Some options may include a lock icon indicating that your administrator doesn't allow this setting to be edited for all assessments. For additional explanations about these settings, please scroll to the Proctoring Settings section of this article.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (10)

7) Next, select the Student Guidelines you deem applicable to this assessment. You’ll notice that we now have a list of items you can select to tell your exam takers what they can or cannot do during the assessment. We strongly encourage you to clarify or expand upon any or all of the items you choose to enable in the Additional Instructions section below. These guidelines and Additional Instructions will be visible to exam takers when starting their exam and will be utilized by our proctors to determine what is and isn’t allowed during the assessment.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (11)

8) The next section is the Accommodations section. These will only be visible to the Honorlock proctors. Whatever the accommodation may be, please include the exam-taker's name and the accommodation details in this section. For more information, please visit Accomodation with Honorlock .

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (12)

9) Finally, you have the exam availability toggle. We always suggest you leave this to the “no” option as default, which would respect the exam availability dates and times you set up within your LMS itself. Selecting “yes” would allow the exam takers to see the assessment listed outside of that preset window you had previously selected. Then select Save to save your proctoring settings.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (13)

10) To review results or to adjust the assessment proctoring settings, select Honorlock Exams List in Course Content.

Using Honorlock with Blackboard Ultra (14)

Note: If you make changes to the exam settings, after it’s been enabled, be sure to go into the LTI settings for that exam, and click save as well.

Proctoring Settings

  • Record Webcam - Records HD video of the student’s face and testing environment using the webcam built into their device or external webcam.
  • Record Screen - Records HD video of the exam taker’s laptop or desktop screen.
  • Record Web Traffic- Logs and monitors the browser activity in Google Chrome during the exam.
  • Student Photo - Requires the exam taker to take a still picture prior to taking their assessment.
  • Student ID - Requires the exam taker to take a picture with their webcam of their government-issued photo ID, or their student photo ID. Honorlock will ensure the name on the ID matches the name within the LMS.
  • Room Scan -Requires that the exam taker show a 360degree view of their testing environment and there will be onscreen messaging informing them of this. If you are requesting your exam takers show certain items - blank scratch paper, their cell phone being placed out of reach, etc. Use the Additional Instructions Section below to detail out what you’d like your exam takers to do for the Room scan.
  • Calculators - Allows basic or scientific calculator during the assessment. Turning one calculator on will turn off the other.
  • Disable Copy/Paste - Prevents exam takers from copying exam content and pasting it outside of the assessment.
  • Disable Printing - Prevents access to the browser print function to print or export exam content.
  • Browser Guard - Honorlock's secure browser solution that prevents exam takers from accessing additional applications outside of Google Chrome. Any attempt to access external applications will generate an automated flag to be reviewed when reviewing exam taker results. For more information on Browser Guard, please see Browser Guard and Allowed Site URLs FAQ
  • Allowed Site URLs - Grants access via another Chrome tab to any sites that you add in below. That could be a link to the e-textbook, DESMOS for an online graphing calculator, or a link to any other web page your exam takers will need to complete the assessment. When adding your URLs in the box below, please make sure you click “Add Site” for each page you’re granting access to. Please include the link to that site or resources within the question stem itself, or the exam instructions so students can click on it. These will be available before the exam before they launch proctoring and during the exam in the student toolbar.
  • Simulated - Not Proctored This should only be used for low-stakes assessments, as it will simulate the proctoring experience, but there will be no recording or flagging to review after the session is complete.

Student Guidelines

These nine preset instructions will let your students and Honorlock Proctor's and Support staff know, what is and what is not, allowed on the assessment.

  • Open Book Allowed - Allows exam takers to utilize a physical book or e-book during their assessment. If allowing exam takers to use an e-book, you’ll need to include a link to that book in the Allowed Site URLs section.
  • Notes Allowed - Permits exam takers to reference any physical or digital notes.
  • Scratch Paper Allowed - Exam takers can utilize multiple sheets of blank paper and a writing utensil during the assessment.

Students will not be flagged or have their exam paused for being partially out of view if, Scratch Paper Allowed, Notes Allowed, or Open Book Allowed, is toggled on. Students that are completely out of view will be flagged. For customers that utilize our Live Proctoring level of service, proctors will not perform Live Pop-Ins on students that are partially out of view if the Scratch Paper Allowed, Notes Allowed, or Open Book Allowed toggles are on.

  • Restroom Breaks Allowed - Permits exam takers to leave the webcam view for a short period of time. We encourage you to add additional instructions around the duration or frequency exam takers can use the restroom so that our proctors can provide specific instructions to exam takers if you’d like to limit those breaks. When Restroom Breaks Allowed is active, students can leave the testing area for up to five minutes without their exam being paused or flagged.
  • Handheld Calculator - Indicates students can use a handheld calculator but not the calculator on their cell phone.
  • Hats Allowed - Permits exam takers to wear a baseball hat or hoodie on their head during the assessment. Honorlock will always allow exam takers to wear religious head coverings during assessments.
  • Headphones Allowed - Students can wear any headphones during their assessment.
  • Take Exam in a Public Area - Indicates that exam takers can complete their assessment in a coffee shop, library, etc. where other people are around them and noise is present. Exam takers cannot interact with other people in the testing environment. When Take Exam in Public Area is active, Honorlock will not flag exams with multiple faces visible in the webcam.
  • Background Noise Allowed - Permits exam takers to be in an environment where other people are talking, there’s excessive background noise, etc.
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